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Video Resources

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  • Feet together
  • Small space between feet
  • Left hand placed cheek height
  • Elbows down
  • Collect arms when needed
  • Right arm around back
  • Face placement in 3 positions
La Cruzada


  • L foot back (MAYBE)
  • Take long step with R leg (YES)
  • Bring L calf against R shin
  • Shift weight from R foot to L foot
  • Take long step with R leg


  • R foot forward (MAYBE)
  • L foot forward (YES)
  • Collect R foot
  • Shift weight from L foot to R foot
  • Step forward with L foot
Salida Simples

Forward Ochos

  • Crtical position for follower
  • Frequently used

  • Flex R back leg slightly
  • Step forward with R leg
  • Pivot gently on R feet before taking step
  • Maintain body parallel to leader
  • Return to La Cruzada
  • Complete with resolution
Salida Simples (no back steps) & Forward Ochos