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Bloomington, Indiana


About Us

The Bloomington Argentine Tango Organization (BATO) is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to the dissemination of Argentine Tango's musical and dance traditions. Dancers meet twice a week for friendly and relaxed class sessions. BATO's multidisciplinary approach to experiencing tango exposes dancers to music, poetry, social practices, and the history of Argentine Tango.  We welcome students and members of our community, "first-timers" and experienced dancers alike. No partners needed.

Founded in 2006, BATO has grown into an active group of over 50 members. Our group continues to grow through the grassroots efforts of its members, hosting cultural awareness classes, musical concerts, tango workshops, social dances (milongas), and dance performances in addition to weekly classes. BATO has found support from the local Bloomington residents and business community.

Amaury de Siqueira and Elise Boruvka serve as BATO's advisors. They study under Brian Griffin and Fay Villanueva.